'Raid' Director Gareth Evans Teases Sequel Plans

So, while the world was busy devouring "The Hunger Games" this weekend, I imagine that at least a few of you feasted your eyes on "The Raid: Redemption." Director Gareth Evans' latest is truly one of the greatest action movies to come along in years. We said as much in our "Raid" review, which you should all go read immediately.

Add to the list of reasons to see "The Raid" as soon as possible: Evans is already working on the sequel. The film, which has an Indonesian title "Berandal," promises to open up the world of "The Raid" in a bigger way than the currently available (and thoroughly awesome) first movie. MTV News spoke with Evans all about his plans—click the video to see what he had to say, and head past the break for even more of his thoughts on the next "Raid."

Changing The Game

"The sequel is going to be a big departure in a way, in that we won't just copy the same formula as the first film," Evans said of how he'll change the setting for the sequel. "It's not going to be set within one building this time. Everything that was terrifying about the boss in that building in the first movie is small fry compared to the criminal organization we meet in the second film. We take it out into the streets, go much wider and much bigger in terms of the scope."

A Bigger, Slower World

Part of that expanded scope is rooted in what we've already seen; Evans said that characters only hinted at in "Redemption" would become fully fleshed out in "Berandal." Additionally, moving "Raid" out of the apartment complex and onto the streets will allow for a slower pace than the first film: "We know we can't make the second one the same kind of crazy pace as the first one. A large part of the reason why the first one is so fast paced is because of the structure of it: it's all contained within eight to ten hours of a day. In that respect, it would feel overwhelming if there were too many plot developments and character arcs. But in the second one, it's a larger period of time."

Return Of The Dog

Expect a lot of dangerous new villains in the second "Raid" movie, including one played by the man behind Mad Dog himself, Yayan Ruhian. Yes, even though he—SPOILER, by the way—died in the first film, Yayan, who helped choreograph the film's awesome fight scenes, will be back for the sequel—but not as Mad Dog. "He'll have no relation to Mad Dog. It's a different, stand alone character," said Evans. "We're going to hide him under makeup, wigs, and costumes. I just loved watching Yayan fight. He's an incredible fighter. He's such a huge part of our choreography team. Whatever I'm doing, I want to work with him."

Rama Stays Put

One thing that won't change between the two "Raid" movies is the presence of Rama, the elite squad badass played by Iko Uwais. He'll be back in full force, Evans promised, carrying much of the story of "Berandal" forward. "It's a continuation of Rama's story," the director teased. "We'll give more emotional depth to everything that happens to Rama and his family as well… because he has a kid now!"

One Last Raid

"Berandal" won't be the last "Raid" movie, either, though it might be the last movie for a little while. "I know where I want to take part three. I don't have the full storyline yet. But the ending of part two sets up the story for part three," said Evans. "I have a feeling that after I finish part two -- which has been an itch I've been trying to scratch for three years -- I want to do a couple of other films before returning to this franchise. So it'll be 'The Raid,' 'The Raid 2,' then film, film, and maybe 'Raid 3.'"

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