Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion: Our Five Favorite Flicks

Today at MTV News we celebrate the birthday of actor Nathan Fillion. By “we” I mostly mean “I,” because I’m the only one around here with a mini-shrine to Nathan at my desk. But I invite you join me in the celebration, dear reader!

To get the party started, I present to you my Five Favorite Fillion Films, in list form. “Wait,” I hear you say, “Doesn’t Nathan Fillion do TV?” ‘Tis true, my astute fellow Fillionaire – he’s known primarily for his television roles on such shows as “Castle,” “Firefly” and “The Sitcom with Ryan Reynolds and Another Guy and a Girl and a Pizza Place.” But Nathan has done some fine work in film as well (and he will do more, as he’s just been cast as Hermes - a GOD! - in the “Percy Jackson” sequel). My faves are after the jump!

1. “Serenity”

Of course this is number one on my list, because it’s the “Firefly” movie, and “Firefly” trumps anything else. Captain Mal Reynolds, I’d follow you into battle anytime.

2. “Waitress”

This adorable little movie stars Keri Russell as the waitress and Nathan as the deeply devoted baby doctor. There’s a husband involved, and some other waitresses as well, but all the great moments - and there are many - are between Russell and Fillion.

3. “Slither”

James Gunn wrote and directed this hysterically funny horror flick, starring our own birthday boy as a small-town cop fighting off big-time aliens and zombies. Get it on DVD and watch the extras to truly appreciate the comic genius that is Nathan Fillion. Bonus: Elizabeth Banks is in it!

4. “Super”

This is another James Gunn film, starring Rainn Wilson as a wanna-be superhero. Nathan makes a fabulous cameo appearance as The Holy Avenger. His costume alone is worth the price of a Netflix subscription.

5. “Saving Private Ryan”

“Wait,” I hear you say, “Nathan Fillion is in ‘Saving Private Ryan??’” Yes, I respond, he is. He plays the other Private Ryan, the one who is told that his brothers are all dead only to be told a minute later that there’s been a mistake and his brothers are, in fact, probably not dead. In his few brief moments on screen, Nathan was able to display his considerable dramatic acting chops. It may be a stretch to say he saved “Saving Private Ryan,” but go back and watch that scene – his superstardom was already beginning to show.

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