War Of The Five Kings: Robb Stark

The War of the Five Kings is set to explode during the "Game of Thrones" season premiere, and we'll be here all week to familiarize you with the key players in the fight. We kicked off yesterday with cruel boy king Joffrey Baratheon, one of the vilest, most loathsome characters in the entirety of "Thrones." Today, we'll examine someone considerably more likable...

Robb Stark

Know Your King

King in the North and Lord of Winterfell, Robb Stark represents everything that Joffrey does not: honor, loyalty and mercy -- to those who deserve it at least. With his father dead, Robb has been forced to grow up well beyond his years to wage war against the Lannisters... but even he has his boyish weaknesses.

Where Is He From?

In peacetime, Robb's rightful place would be up north in Winterfell. But it is not peacetime. Accordingly, he has set up camp in the riverlands of Westeros, fighting battle after calculated battle against Tywin Lannister's men.

The King's Court

Robb keeps himself surrounded by good company, with the Greatjon Umber being one of his closest military advisors and supporters. Childhood friend and veritable brother Theon Greyjoy is at his side as well -- for now, anyway -- as is his mother, the grieving widow Catelyn Stark. Also present is Greywind the direwolf, who has grown up considerably since Robb first found him as a pup.

What Does He Do?

In short: he wins. Though three victories do not make him a conquerer, three wins are better than three defeats. To that end, Robb is chipping away at the Lannisters with considerable efficiency.

Do We Like Him?

We do. Of all the kings currently in the mix, Robb is the most likable by miles. It doesn't hurt that he's a Stark, representing everything we loved about poor dead Ned.

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