‘Cabin In The Woods’ Exclusive Clip: Truth Or Dare?

When it comes to “The Cabin in the Woods,” anyone and everyone who’s seen it will tell you the same thing: the less you know, the better. But I don’t think there’s any harm in watching the exclusive clip you’ll see below — no major spoilers revealed, premise remains fairly basic, secrets are firmly intact by the end. But what you will get out of this, which I think is of great benefit to anyone mulling over a trip to the “Cabin,” is a strong sense of the film’s tone.

Yes, “Cabin” is a horror movie, but it’s also hilarious. What more would you expect from a movie written by Joss Whedon and directed by Whedon regular Drew Goddard? Or starring “Dollhouse” fan-favorite Fran Kranz, alongside a big dumb jock turn from Chris Hemsworth, and as-yet-to-be-revealed roles for Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins?

You’ll get plenty of laughs and chills in the video below. Go on, click away — we dare you.

“Cabin in the Woods” hits theaters on April 13. Click here for more on our “Cabin in the Woods” sweepstakes!

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