Milla Jovovich Describes 'Resident Evil' Weaponry

The zombie and "Resident Evil" video game fans out there probably love a lot of things about the film adaptations. Me, I like watching franchise leading lady Milla Jovovich be a total badass and kick zombie butt all over the place. If ever there were a woman to inspire one to get thyself to the gym, she is it.

Jovovich's latest zombie-killing endeavor as apocalypse survivor Alice is "Resident Evil: Retribution," which looks to be finally shedding some light on that sneaky Umbrella Corporation, based on what we've seen in the trailer. When we caught up with the action star at WonderCon recently, she teased a bit more of the film's plotline, as well as some new weapons we'll see her wield when the film opens September 14.

"We see some characters that we haven’t seen in a long time and we have some great new characters from the game that fans are going to be really into," Jovovich told MTV News. "But overall I just think that the movie aesthetically is so beautiful and the fight sequences are so intense. The teaser out right now I think we only have the first 3 weeks of principal photography [in there] because that’s what the boys could get together with special effects and just put it out as quickly as possible because people wanted to see something."

Speaking to her character's new arsenal of weaponry, Jovovich could barely contain her delight in describing some of the new toys she was able to play with, aside from one prop that gave her a bruise or two.

"I have a bicycle chain with a lock at the end of it that I smashed myself in the face with a couple of times while shooting the scene, which will be on the gag reel," she said with a smile. "But there’s always new weapons. We have these Kriss Vector machine guns that are really awesome, they actually dolled them up for 'Total Recall' but we used the OG ones. They’re sick, they’re so beautiful."

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