Peter Berg: 'Battleship' Is 'Completely Different' From 'Transformers'

There are a lot of interesting talking points surrounding the release of "Battleship," Peter Berg's alien/military adventure on the high seas: The very easy-on-the-eyes cast consisting of Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker, the fact that the film was inspired by Hasbro's classic board game, and those action-packed trailers.

Those of us who are quick to categorize the potential summer blockbuster have made comparisons to that of another successful film with alien and military ties, which Berg playfully dismissed during our recent encounter with him and Decker at WonderCon and joked that the entire movie is just one long game of Battleship. Strip Battleship.

"That’s what the movie is, just naked Battleship," Decker said.

"Who would you rather see, Brooklyn and Rihanna or Taylor and Alex Skarsgard?" Berg asked us about which two cast members we'd prefer to watch square off, for which we had no good answer to be honest, because clearly both options would be great.

"Should we make it an option for both?" Decker suggested. "Let’s do both. We just have to get them to do it. I think Kitsch is in."

"That would be awesome," Berg admitted.

We continued with the playful mood in asking him for his thoughts on the "Transformers at Sea" comparisons.

"What did she say?" Berg joked in response. "I’m not familiar with it."

"Is it a bad thing to be compared to a really successful tent pole?" Decker asked rhetorically.

"I think 'Transformers' is awesome," Berg said seriously. "I think Bay did an incredible job with that film and I think when you sit through four minutes of 'Battleship' you’ll realize that they are two completely different experiences. Obviously our big bosses who are concerned with making their money back have a vested interested in attaching themselves to other successful films. We don’t think about that, we think about making our own movie and I’m pretty confident that whether you love 'Battleship' or not, the issue of comparison to other films is pretty irrelevant."

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