'Prometheus' Stills Released Through Viral Campaign

Just when you thought this week had more "Prometheus" news and releases than you could possibly handle, two new images from the film have hit the web courtesy of its viral website.

ProjectPrometheus.com hit the web shortly after the movie's second trailer hit this weekend, and two new stills have already been unlocked. The first was discovered through a URL ending with the word "Eridu."

Eridu is an ancient Sumerian city, and one that is likely one of the many civilizations where Elizabeth Shaw finds evidence of the pictogram we found out about in the trailer. Regardless of its origin, the image revealed is absolutely gorgeous, and gives us a good sense of the beautiful outer space shots we can expect in the film.

The second photo shows a landing crew on what we can only guess is the planet where much of "Prometheus" takes place. It's our first clear shot of its landscape, and it looks pretty barren and unexciting. That must be why so much of the movie takes place in the interior of some mysterious locations.

These are the second and third images to be released in the film's viral marketing campaign. The first was that stunning map room shot that we posted about in early March. As "Prometheus" doesn't hit theaters until June 8, here's hoping that we can expect plenty more to come our way over the next two and a half months.

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