'Cosmopolis' Teaser Has Plenty Of Robert Pattinson, Sex And Dinosaurs


"Cosmopolis's" first teaser trailer has hit the web and let's just say it's a bit more extreme than we would have expected.

The 30-second-long French trailer -- released yesterday on the film's French Facebook -- teases a performance from Robert Pattinson that is unlike anything we've ever seen. It opens up with Pattinson's voice set against a black background saying, "I'm looking for more. Aim and fire, come on, do it, flick the switch."

Is it a metaphor for something more? Maybe, but it's also entirely literal, as the teaser reveals Pattinson's sexy bodyguard and part time fling pointing a taser at his chest. He dares her, "Show me something I don't know." Our only response to that is, "Wow."

There are plenty of quick flashes of scenes throughout the teaser, but not enough to give us a sense of anything more than the movie's tone. In true David Cronenberg style, "Cosmopolis" will be noir, it will be dark, and it will be weird.

For you few uninitiated left out there, "Cosmopolis" is the adaptation of Don DeLillo's surrealist thriller novel of the same name. It follows Pattinson's character Eric Packer, a wealthy billionaire bored with the world, as he travels deeper and deeper into Manhattan's underworld over the course of 24 hours. He spends much of his time in a limo, and runs into a cast of colorful characters.

And, apparently, some imaginary dinosaurs along the way, as we see in the teaser. There's plenty of weirdness at play here, but we're willing to give ourselves up to it. And if you thought "Bel Ami" was going to have a ton of sex in it, just wait until you see the ways Pattinson is hooking up in "Cosmopolis."

The film doesn't yet have an American release date, but it is due in theaters in France on May 23 and in Portugal on May 31. It is largely expected that "Cosmopolis" will premiere at Cannes.

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