'Highlander' Director Views 'Immortality As A Curse'

In "Intruders," director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo explores the ideas of fear and losing control. For his next film — potentially his next film, I should say — he'll dive into another form of horror: the possibility of living forever.

Immortality sounds glamorous to most, sure, but not to Fresnadillo — not in his vision of "Highlander," at least. The "28 Weeks Later" filmmaker is set to pick up the sword and bring "Highlander" back to the big screen for Summit Entertainment, and in his mind, it's the difficulties of everlasting life that's most interesting about the fantasy franchise.

"The idea about immortality as a curse, you know?" Fresnadillo answered when MTV News asked him about his attraction to "Highlander." "Immortality is a very difficult time in your life, if you become an immortal. If you think about that, it's impossible to be in love with anyone — you're growing, you're getting old, as a human, but not as an immortal. I think immortality could be a very lonely feeling [worth exploring]."

Still, Fresnadillo isn't entirely sure that "Highlander" is the next film on his increasingly busy plate. "I'm working hard on that project," he offered. "We'll see if finally it's my next movie."

One thing he definitely won't be working on, however, is "The Crow." Fresnadillo was attached to direct a reboot of the James O'Barr graphic novel at one point in time, before ultimately bowing out in October. It's a shame; anyone who sees "Intruders" will agree that based on the opening scene alone, Fresnadillo would have been an inspired choice to breathe new life into "The Crow," if the legendary film even needs to be remade in the first place. (Hint: it doesn't.)

"It's difficult to explain to you," the director said of what his vision for "The Crow" would have been. "When you're working in this industry, you're dealing with many projects at the same time. 'The Crow' was one of them. It was a very cool concept to make some new approach and new refreshment of the idea, but I didn't have the time to explore it too much. I didn't have time to say, 'Here's the vision of what I think would be fantastic for that.'"

Are you looking forward to Fresnadillo's "Highlander" remake? Are you disappointed that he won't bring "The Crow" to life? Tell us what you think in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!

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