Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 'Looper' Makes You Think

By Matt Goodhue

If you were to describe the plot of "Looper" to somebody, they would probably start scratching their heads. Time travel, mixed with some mobsters, blended with a self-identity crisis - it appears a bit tough to wrap your head around. But, throw in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and director Rian Johnson ("The Brothers Bloom"), and you have a film people will want to see. Besides, maybe we filmgoers are smarter than we think.

At this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, MTV News spoke with JGL and Johnson about the story’s complexity and just what exactly a “looper” is. “A looper is a killer who works for the mob in the future,” Johnson explained, “So, this mob in the future will zap somebody they don’t want around back thirty years to the looper who will kill them… It’s a very clean way of disposing people.”

Gordon-Levitt and Johnson agreed fans should not have trouble understanding the film after just one viewing, and the former is certainly familiar with mind-bending stories.

“That was the question we got most when we were promoting 'Inception,'” Gordon-Levitt laughed, “I think there is sort of a thing in our culture that underestimates people, that underestimates the intelligence of audiences.”

The actor and director both acknowledged how films like "Looper," exploring intricate storylines that make the audience think, are the very reason the stories are so fun. It delves you deeper into the plot, making you feel as if you are part of the movie. And if you have questions when the film is finished, that’s a good thing! They make the car ride home from the theater a much more interesting experience.

“People are smarter than maybe we think they are and they like good movies," Gordon admitted, “They like smart movies, and 'Looper' is one of them.”

Audiences will have to wait until September to see if they can understand the world of "Looper."

How do you feel about smart films like this, and "Inception," that truly make a moviegoer think? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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