Rachel Weisz 'Really Cares' About 'The Deep Blue Sea'

Sometimes, as Rachel Weisz explains, there's nothing sexier than two people staring at each other from across the room.

Weisz's new movie, "The Deep Blue Sea," (no, not that "Deep Blue Sea") has lingering glances and sexual tension in spades, but when it comes to selling a small movie, especially a foreign one, it takes a little special attention.

MTV News spoke with Weisz about the upcoming romance film and how a close-up can make all the difference.

When you win an Academy Award like Weisz has, you can afford to pick and choose your projects, but whether that movie will find its audience is a different story. With director Terence Davies' adaptation of the acclaimed play, Weisz remains hopeful. "'The Deep Blue Sea' is very dear to my heart, and I really care about it. It's a very limited release, so I hope it finds its audience," she said. "It probably does need some extra special love and care."

The story of "Deep Blue Sea" follows a judge's wife, played by Weisz, who falls for a handsome RAF pilot, played by Tom Hiddleston, and since it's a period piece, much of the romance plays out in long stares.

"Most of the film is in close-up, in quite intense close-ups. It's set in the 50s, so there is a lot repressed desire," said Weisz. "I just met someone I was talking to, and he said, 'I found that very erotic, that someone would just gaze at someone else across the room.' That was more erotic than some of the risqué taboo stuff that is in movies now or you can see on the internet, perhaps."

Weisz continued: "I think it's very intimate. You could say 'claustrophobic.' It's very small cast, about one particular story, 24 hours in my character's life."

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