'Hunger Games': Why Katniss Everdeen Is A Badass

With "The Hunger Games" only days away from its long-anticipated release, we decided to reflect on one of the many reasons you should check out this film -- namely, that leading lady Katniss Everdeen is a total badass.

It's the case in the books, and it's definitely the case in the movie. Katniss frequently exhibits qualities of a true badass that continue to blow us away. Whether it's providing food for her family or shooting a tribute through the neck with her bow and arrow, Katniss is never afraid to let her action heroine flag fly. And for that, we salute her.

In honor of Friday's release of "The Hunger Games," here are five reasons why Katniss is a total badass.

She's skilled with the bow and arrow

Katniss' most obvious trait that makes her a badass is her skill with the bow and arrow. Don't believe us? Just watch this clip and you'll be convinced. She's strong and athletic and can kill a man with just one twang of her bowstring. Boys, you better watch out.

She knows how to play the game

A large part of winning the Hunger Games is playing along with their political side, and that's something that Katniss excels at. She knows how to amp up the romance when she needs to win sponsors and put on a particularly emotional show when it means it will sway the audience in her favor. In fact, it's a bit coldblooded, and we definitely respect her for that.

She's not afraid to get the job done

Though Katniss does have plenty of respect for human life, she also is never afraid to strike the killing blow when necessary. She's not as ruthless as her competitors like Cato and Clove, but she still is badass enough to drop a nest of killer wasps down on unsuspecting tributes and shoot an arrow through the neck of anyone threatening her friends.

She's the bread-winner for her family – literally!

Katniss is the character that keeps her family together. Ever since her father died, it has been Katniss who has been providing for her mother and younger sister. She kills and prepares their food, trades on the black market, frequently risks her life to hunt in a forbidden area and -- literally -- puts bread on the table. Her first thought when entering the Hunger Games is not whether she has a chance of winning, but who will take care of her family when she's not around, and that shows true strength.

She's not afraid to get emotional

It's obvious from the first "Hunger Games" trailer that Katniss' bravery goes far beyond her physical strength. Her sentimentality is just one facet of what makes her so strong. She volunteers to fight in the Hunger Games in place of her sister, she ends up becoming very close with another young tribute named Rue and even goes as far to risk her own life to save Peeta's. The key to being a strong character is being a well-rounded one, and Katniss' emotionality is a big part of what makes her such a badass.

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