'Looper' First Look: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Becomes Bruce Willis

At long last, we have the first look at Rian Johnson's new movie "Looper." The teaser trailer for the film premiered over the weekend at WonderCon, so hopefully that will hit the web soon as well, but until then we can spend our time analyzing the new shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a young Bruce Willis.

According to /Film, Gordon-Levitt would go through three hours of make up a day to transform into a man who believably looked like he would one day grow up to look like Willis. In addition, Gordon-Levitt spent a lot of time studying Willis's films -- particularly "Sin City" -- to try to learn the little quirks of the older actor's style. Judging by the two pictures released, it looks like Gordon-Levitt did a pretty good job.

The film follows JGL as a man hired by mobsters in the future to kill the people they need to disappear. Time travel has been invented but is highly illegal, and the only people who risk using it are said mobsters who send their hits back in time 30 years to be knocked off by people called "loopers." One day Gordon-Levitt's future self, played by Willis, is sent back in time to be killed, and he needs to decide whether to break the rules or kill the other version of himself.

When MTV News caught up with Gordon-Levitt last May, he said he was very excited to be working with Willis for the first time.

"Bruce is awesome, I’ve looked up to that guy ever since I was a little kid, everybody did," he said. "He’s such a good actor, we ran the gamut, some of the stuff we did was full on action, and then I’m like, 'Holy goddamn s---, I’m doing an action scene with Bruce Willis!' But then a lot of the stuff we did was like really, really smart, great Rian Johnson dialogue that makes me think of 'Pulp Fiction.'"

"Looper" is slated to hit theaters on September 28.

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