'Prometheus' Full Trailer: To Infinity And Beyond

"Big things have small beginnings." I'm not exactly sure what Michael Fassbender is trying to get across there — the "Alien" universe that "Prometheus" now exists in was always huge… except now, it looks positively enormous.

The first full "Prometheus" trailer premiered over the weekend, giving fans a two-and-a-half minute look at director Ridley Scott's glorious return to the world of science fiction. Finally, some plot details for this sucker are starting to emerge, and I'm very pleased by what seems to be unfolding.

In the new trailer, Elizabeth Shaw and her colleague (Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) discover the same mysterious symbol across a multitude of unrelated ancient civilizations, leading them to believe an otherworldly presence's involvement in the origins of mankind. Their findings lead the Weyland Corporation to send the Prometheus off into space with a diverse crew in tow; passengers include the ship's captain (Idris Elba), a company woman (Charlize Theron) and a stoic android named David (Fassbender).

Though their reasons for traveling to the ends of the universe seem pure on the surface, what they find on this remote planet is anything but. Shaw and her companions quickly realize that if the alien message was an "invitation," it was an invitation for something very, very grim.

Anyway, enough gabbing from me. In short, this trailer is awesome, and you need to watch it immediately. More and more, I'm convinced that "Prometheus" is going to be the blockbuster to beat this year. Big things indeed.

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