'Dark Shadows' Trailer: Love It Or Hate It?

"Dark Shadows" fans desperate for footage from director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp's adaptation of the cult classic gothic soap finally got their wishes fulfilled this week with the first official trailer's release. Whether or not the arrival of that trailer is a good thing? Well, your mileage may vary.

First appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before hitting the web, the first look at "Dark Shadows" makes one thing very clear: this is a comedy. Burton, Depp and the gang are going for laughs, big ones, in their take on the vampire Barnabas and the other strange denizens of Collinwood manor. Fans looking for a dark, serious version of "Dark Shadows" are likely to walk away disappointed.

Not all "Dark Shadows" fans are feeling burned this morning, though. MTV News' resident "Shadows" expert, John Mitchell, made his love for the trailer fully known in a recent article:

"We love the trailer. It's Tim Burton doing what Tim Burton does best. The look is dark and Gothic, but the feel is certifiably gonzo with a heaping side of camp and comedy. Based on its soapy source material, Burton could have taken 'Shadows' one of two ways: He could have stripped it of the over-the-top camp and played it as a straight romantic drama where the protagonist was a conflicted vampire, which is what the creators of the early-'90s TV remake did, or he could turn the volume all the way up and have a little fun, flipping the super serious vibe of the original soap opera upside down and making a blood-splattered comedy. He clearly chose the latter, and that's just fine with us."

Do you agree with John's take? Are you excited by the direction Burton's gone in, or would you have preferred a darker "Shadows"? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter!