'Last Stand' Is The Schwarzenegger Movie You Want, Genesis Rodriguez Says

This year marks the big acting comeback for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He'll have a role in the upcoming sequel "The Expendables 2," but he's also been busy filming projects like "The Last Stand" and "The Tomb." They' all can be classified as typical "Arnold" movies, so it's safe to say that fans of the Austrian actor are pretty stoked to see him returning to films in such a big way.

But no one -- and I mean no one -- is more excited about his return to the big screen than his "Last Stand" costar Genesis Rodriguez. MTV News caught up with her while she was promoting her new movie "Casa de Mi Padre," and asked her to talk a bit about her involvement with Schwarzenegger in the movie. She wouldn't give away anything from the plot, but her excitement for the project was a bit contagious.

"I can't talk about my character but I can talk about the movie," she said. "The movie is exactly what you want from an Arnold movie. I am such a fan. He's the Terminator and he's Conan and he's -- I'm just a fan."

Her first reactions to meeting the man, the myth, the legend? Adjectives like "incredible," "wonderful" and "funny." They might not be the words that people typically come up with when they think of the man who used to have biceps the size of our heads, but Rodriguez promised that this movie would show us the "Ahnold" we all know and love.

"This is exactly the type of way that you want to see him," she gushed. "You're going to see the action hero, but you're also going to see the vulnerable side and the human side to him. So I'm like really excited for the Ahnold. It's the big return of the Ahnold."

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