'John Carter' Fans Petition Disney To Make A Sequel

John Carter

All that talk about "John Carter's" weak box office draw and the slew of critics now deeming the film a failure from the get-go isn't stopping fans from demanding a sequel.

Called "Take me back to Barsoom! I want John Carter to have a sequel!," the fan-driven petition already has 1,798 members (at the time this article was published). The Facebook petition encourages more people to go out and watch "John Carter" and also consists of fans sharing their own memories and experiences with Edgar Rice Burroughs' genre-defining series.

While "John Carter" might not have been the box office success that Disney was looking for, it could still break even with its $250 million budget. According to Box Office Mojo, "John Carter" has raked in $106 million worldwide, and its only been out a week. No one really expects the film to take off all of the sudden like, say, "Avatar" did (though "Avatar" had a much bigger opening weekend and was slated to be a massive success) but it still could do a bit better in box office sales if positive word of mouth manages to breach the cloud of negative press surrounding the film.

Then again, "John Carter" is going to be up against some stiff competition over the next few weeks. "21 Jump Street," which comes out tomorrow, has been tracking incredibly well, and "The Hunger Games" hits theaters the week after. Stiff competition to be sure.

Director Andrew Stanton already has started looking towards the second film in his planned "John Carter" trilogy. He shared some details about the project in an interview last month with Ain't It Cool News.

"If we go that way it’s going to be a huge movie again and you can’t get started early enough," Stanton said on prepping the sequel. "Nobody has ever made a promise to me, but nobody has ever also led me on, it’s been a very honest discussion from day one with Disney of like 'Look, this may work. This may not work and if it works then we will go for another one. If it doesn’t we won’t.'"

He added, "[The sequel is] all mapped out and we’ve got a very extensive outline. I tend to write outlines that are like 30 pages long sometimes with dialog scenes in them and all of the details of all of the beats in the scenes and we’ve gotten that and now we are, in this coming month, we are going to start working into a first draft."

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