'Human Centipede 3' Dials The Horror Up To 500

Deranged director Tom Six has big plans for a "Human Centipede 3" film. We're not lying when we say it's huge.

The controversial filmmaker recently took to Twitter (via Dread Central) and told followers he wants to feature a 500 plus person pede in the third gruesome installment of his detestable franchise. He'll start filming the movie this summer down south, aiming for a 2013 release. The third "Human Centipede" will feature stars Dieter Laser (the crazed surgeon from the first film) and Laurence R. Harvey (the insane parking lot attendant from the second movie), and even the director himself in a bit role. Like always, Six promises that the film will be "100 percent politically incorrect."

Has the director gone too far this time? Do you think he'll attempt to make his monstrous creation with live actors or end up using CG? Try to erase the image from your mind entirely, and head past the break for more horror news!

» Vertigo's "Y: The Last Man" created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra is headed for an adaptation by New Line Cinema. The studio is in final negotiations with Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia for the David Goyer-produced ("The Dark Knight" writer) redux that finds an escape artist as the sole survivor after a mysterious plague kills every male mammal in the world. He tries to uncover the reasons for the strange outbreak ... with his pet monkey. Are you ready for more apocalyptic mayhem? Fans of the comic: tell us your thoughts about a film translation in the comments below. Will it work?

» Paramount is playing musical chairs with their zombie opus "World War Z." The film has moved from its December 21 release date to June 21, 2013. Ten years after a global epidemic breaks out, Brad Pitt's U.N. worker is tirelessly gathering stories of the deadly zombie war. The actor also produces the film based on Max Brooks' novel of the same name. This one has seen multiple shifts during production, but hopefully things will stay put for good. Are you anxious and ready?

» The adaptation of young adult supernatural romance novel "Beautiful Creatures" has a powerhouse actor on their side. Variety reports that the dark and delightfully creepy Jeremy Irons ("Dead Ringers") may be joining the remake. He'd be playing mysterious uncle Macon Ravenwood, a reclusive figure. Sounds perfect for the tall, dark, and daring actor. The original story was written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and follows Lena Duchannes who tries to keep her magical powers secret from her small town neighbors, but her family's curse and powerful abilities make it almost impossible. She falls in love with a local boy named Ethan who soon discovers his girlfriend is more mysterious than he first realized. Too "Twilight-y"? Fans of the book, speak up: do you want to see these characters brought to life?

» Hammer Films — you know, the gothic and lovely vampire studio connoisseurs that featured iconic actor Christopher Lee as a bloodsucking fiend — may be resurrecting their undead villain once more. Hammer historian Marcus Hearn spoke to website The Daily Dead (via Alt Film Guide) and shared this nugget of hopeful info: "The company’s chairman, Simon Oakes, is talking about making a new "Dracula" and setting it in present-day London." Hearn cites the recent and successful "Woman in Black" from the studio as one of the reasons why they're considering a retelling. Speculate what actor could fill the awesomely big shoes of Christopher Lee below.

» Have you been pining for more killer piranha and swimsuit terror? John Gulager's "Piranha 3DD" finally has an official release date set. We'll finally be able to see Danielle Panabaker, Gary Busey, Katrina Bowden, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Paul Scheer, David Hasselhoff, and friends on June 1 in theaters and VOD. This time the fishy fiends take over a water park. We've seen plenty of terror in amusement park water worlds before, but usually they involve dirty diapers and Band-Aids (shiver). We think we'd actually prefer to battle deadly fish over swimming with trash any day. What about you?

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