Rupert Grint, Chloe Moretz Join Beach Boys Biopic

Rupert Grint

"Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint has landed a major role in a biopic about one of America's most beloved bands from the 1960s. Meanwhile, "Motor City" might have found its leading man (again), another "Harry Potter" star lands a big role opposite Sharon Stone in "Attachment" and Warner Bros might have found a new lead for "Arthur & Lancelot."

It's March 15, and you're tuning in for today's casting call.

Chloe Moretz And Rupert Grint Head To Beach Boys Biopic

At last, Rupert Grint is getting some mainstream Hollywood work. The "Harry Potter" star is set to star opposite Chloe Moretz and Aaron Eckhart in the upcoming Beach Boys biopic "The Drummer," The Wrap reports. Grint will play Stan Shapiro, a former Williams Morris Agency intern, while Moretz plays Jennifer Wilson, the daughter of late-Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson and a close friend of Shapiro's. Eckhart will play Wilson in the film.

Now Jeremy Renner To Star In "Motor City"?

First Chris Evans, then Dominic Cooper, then Jake Gyllenhaal, and now Jeremy Renner? It seems that the folks behind "Motor City" have been running down the list of available Hollywood leading men to take the leading role in their upcoming film. Twitch is reporting that Renner might be considering taking the part depending upon his potential involvement in Ridley Scott's "The Counselor."

Colin Farrell To Star In "Arthur & Lancelot"?

Kit Harington and Joel Kinnaman might have already moved on, but it looks like Warner Bros is still looking to get "Arthur & Lancelot" off the ground. Now it seems like they're going with an older, more well-known cast instead of with the up-and-coming TV stars. Variety reports that Colin Farrell is now likely to take one of the roles in the film -- likely Arthur, based on his physical resemblance to Harington.

Tom Felton To Star Opposite Sharon Stone In "Attachment"

Grint isn't the only "Harry Potter" star to be getting some work today. Coming Soon is reporting that Tom Felton is set to star opposite Sharon Stone in the "sexual thriller" "Attachment." He'll likely be the student Stone's character has an affair with who ends up stalking her and dating her teenage daughter.

Michael Fassbender Heads To "The Mountain Between Us"

Looks like Michael Fassbender might have a bigger 2012 than he had a 2011. In addition to his already busy film slate, Variety is reporting that Fassbender is in talks to join Gerardo Naranjo's latest, "The Mountain Between Us." He'll play the main character Ben, a doctor who ends up becoming a victim of a plane crash that leaves him stranded in the middle of the High Uintas Wilderness.

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