Adrien Brody Wants To Show 'Detachment' To Students

Tony Kaye, the director responsible for harrowing racial discussions of "American History X," has turned his sights to the public school system for his latest film, "Detachment." The film stars Adrien Brody as a substitute teacher in way over his head, but never losing hope.

MTV News spoke with Brody about playing a teacher in the rough world of today's high schools and why such a common experience as high school is rarely shared on the screen with as much realism as "Detachment."

Brody believes that it takes bravery to tell a story like the one Kaye does with "Detachment." "I think that the real answer to that question is that it's a heavy subject matter," he said. "I think there are some films that delve into education and teachers, but it's pretty rare to find a film that's brave enough to point the fingers as much as Tony's film."

The film deals with topics that most high school movies shy away from in favor of light subjects. Subjects like bullying and teen suicide are never out of bounds, and for that reason, Brody said that he wants to take "Detachment" to actual high schools. "But it's also good to do something that's unique," he said. "I'd really love to take this film and see it with students in public schools and see their reaction and see how they feel this portrays the universe that they live in."

"Detachment " is available on VOD and in select theaters now.

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