'Game Of Thrones' Poster Puts You-Know-Who's Head On A Spike

Game of Thrones

Well, this is awful. Or awesome. Depending on how you look at it. Either way, it's pretty darn grisly.

HBO has released a brand new "Game of Thrones" poster as part of the build-up to season two, premiering on April 1. The marketing for the new season has been all about the impending War of the Five Kings, and today's poster squares firmly on the actions of the deplorable Joffrey Baratheon... and exploits the greatest tragedy of "Game of Thrones" season one in the process.

Yeah, if you've seen the first season, you know what I'm talking about. See the bloody evidence for yourself beyond the break. But if you're not caught up on "Thrones" and plan to fix that before season two, warning: HUGE SPOILER ahead. Tread lightly!

Well, poor Ned Stark was all over the original "Game of Thrones" marketing. Only makes sense for him to repeat where he can.

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