Will Ferrell Masters All Of The Accents In New After Hours

When you think of Will Ferrell, his long tenure as the master of over thirty dialects comes to mind first. Only then do you remember the funny man, the comedian from movies like the upcoming "Casa de mi Padre."

In preparation for the film, Mr. Ferrell spoke with dialect novice Josh Horowitz about the process of mastering your accent in a segment we like to call "Mastering Your Accents."

The legend dialectician covers all the topics you need to know about: his long and bitter rivalry with Meryl Streep, his many victories at the Voicey's. You'll even get a chance to hear the story of Mr. Ferrell's humble origins a simple boy doing a near perfect Italian accent.

It's everything you've wanted to know about performing different accents but were too afraid or ignorant to ask. It's all right here on the newest episode of After Hours.

Just remember to relax your 10th Quadrant.

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