'Skyfall' Set Photo: Javier Bardem Goes Blonde

At long last, we finally get our first look at Javier Bardem in "Skyfall!" The only thing is that the "No Country for Old Men" actor looks as decidedly un-Javier Bardem as we've ever seen him.

Sporting a British police officer's uniform and a blonde wig, Bardem can be seen walking around the "Skyfall" set in London. It's unclear what he's doing, but Daily Mail (who has the photos) seems to think that the scene involves Bardem going toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig's James Bond.

So is Bardem actually playing a police officer or isn't he? That's yet to be seen. In fact, these photos tell us just about as much as we know to date about his onscreen character. It is known that he is playing a Bond villain in "Skyfall," so my guess is that he is actually a bit more than meets the eye in this leaked scene.

Bardem isn't the only "Skyfall" character to be given the photo treatment. Judi Dench's M and Daniel Craig's Bond also had official images released of them as director Sam Mendes has shot the film. However, these recent set photos are definitely the most revealing of all the pictures we've seen so far.

"Skyfall" also stars Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCroy, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney. It's slated to hit theaters on November 9.

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