Nick Offerman Gets 'Tastefully' Naked In 'Somebody Up there Likes Me'

We've all heard stories about how sometimes the funniest people we see on TV and in film aren't quite as funny in real life, but I'm happy to report that when it comes to hilarious and crazy-talented funnyman Nick Offerman, the man delivers in every way possible. MTV News was lucky enough to chat with Offerman recently at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX where he was there in support of his buzzworthy film "Somebody Up There Likes Me," alongside co-star Keith Poulson and director Bob Byington.

"The story, in a nutshell, it follows my character named Matt who, when the movies starts is working in a steak house, sort of pining for an old love," Poulson told MTV News when asked to sum up the film's plot in a nutshell.  "Maybe he's trying to win her back and it maybe doesn't go so well so then he needs to move on with his life."

Poulson's answer drew groans from director Byington, with Offerman suggesting to his co-star: "Smaller nutshell."

"Alright, in a nutshell it's a story about friends, love," Poulson attempted to summarize a second time, which was again interrupted by a disapproving sound from Byington. "In a nutshell, it's about Nick telling you what it's about," Poulson conceded. "In a nutshell. Take this," he added, passing the microphone to Offerman.

"Ah, a tasty repast set in five year increments over the thirty-five years of three characters' lives," he summarized poetically. "Myself and two very attractive young people, it's all about how life passes us by when we're busy feeding the meter. And there's also a lot of nudity, mostly me, tastefully done," Offerman revealed, which was met with a disagreeing shake of Poulson's head, indicating that whatever nudity Offerman might be talking or teasing about, it's not at all tasteful. "No one was waxed in the making of this film," he deadpanned.

Byington then jumped in to prevent Offerman from veering any further away from the subject and gave us one of the only serious answers of the chat.

"I think one of the primary draws [in seeing this film] is you're going to see something from Nick that you haven't seen in a film before or on TV," he said. "So that's a plus. And Keith also came through [with his performance]."

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