SXSW Today: Magical Moments With Joss Whedon And Matthew McConaughey

Joss Whedon

The 2012 South By Southwest Film Festival is officially in full swing today after kicking things off with a bang Friday night, aka the world premiere of Joss Whedon's long-delayed horror film "The Cabin In The Woods". And although the festivities surrounding the event were quite literally dampened by unseasonably cold and wet conditions here in Austin, TX, the poor weather did not sour the mood among the film's cast and crew or the lucky premiere attendees. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, despite the fact that many of them were also shivering under umbrellas at the same time.

As expected, the film went over like gangbusters and we're very happy to be continuing our coverage of the very unique film this morning via our scheduled interviews with cast members Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins, then later this afternoon we'll be sitting down with the braintrust behind the film, co-writer Joss Whedon and co-writer/director Drew Goddard. Fingers crossed Mr. Whedon will also want to divulge a few details about his other buzzy and very likely blockbuster "The Avengers."

In addition to "Cabin In the Woods," MTV News will be all over the world premiere of another film that we expect to be well-received by the SXSW crowd, "Killer Joe" which, although it recently received a NC-17 rating for gratuitous violence and general craziness, is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning author's award-winning play. There are several interesting casting choices in the film but Matthew McConaughey as a psychotic serial/contract killer of sorts is definitely the most intriguing. We'll be chatting up McConaughey and his co-stars Gina Gershon and Juno Temple about their bloody, eyebrow-raising film on the red carpet for the premiere later this evening.

As always, if you've got any burning questions for the interviewees listed above, submit them to @mtvmoviesblog or myself, @karawarner, to make your voice heard. I also welcome any and all restaurant suggestions for what food I should eat and where while I'm here. Happy Saturday!