'John Carter,' 'Silent House' And More: Double Feature Friday!

John Carter

If one movie is never enough for you and you're looking for a flick to get you in the mood for this week's new release, Double Feature Friday is here to help. Every week we break down the new releases and pair them with older movies that you should catch before heading out to the theater. Or just skip the new movie and check out the classic we recommend.

"John Carter" & "Princess of Mars"

Much has been made of John Carter and his long journey to the big screen, but did you know that he made a stop by the direct-to-video bin on his way there? That's right. The first real "John Carter" movie came out in 2009, starring Antonio Sabato Jr. as Carter and porn star Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris. "Princess of Mars" was made by the cash-grabbing crap factory The Asylum as a way to cash in on "Avatar's" popularity but with the budget and production values of an upscale porno. If you don't believe me, check out the trailer here. At the very least, it should lower your expectations just enough to make "John Carter" seem really, really good.

"Silent House" & "Rope"

The whole one-take trick seems like a nice gimmick, but Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, did it before it was cool in 1948 with "Rope." Like "Silent House," the movie is not actually made of one long take, but it's cut to look like it. James Stewart stars in the film about two friends who murder a classmate in their apartment and then invite friends over for dinner, you know, a hilarious Hitchcockian romp.

"A Thousand Words" & "Kill Bill Vol. 2"

Sure, a man who has only one thousand words to speak before he drops dead sounds like a pretty hardcore premise. Quentin Tarantino says, "I'll see your one thousand words, and I'll raise you five steps." It doesn't make for an entire movie, but when you only have five steps before your heart explodes, you start to look at life a little differently. You could pretty easily figure out how to continue living with only a thousand words left to speak, but figuring out the five step conundrum takes more creativity. Wait, couldn't Bill have just found a wheel chair?

"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" & "The Ghost Writer"

If "Haywire" convinced you of something else beside the fact that Gina Carano could kick Ewan McGregor's ass, hopefully it was that we don't see enough of the Scottish actor. McGregor has become one of the most underrated awesome actors in recent years, and his 2010 effort "Ghost Writer" strikes the same balance of charm and strangeness that the actor has mastered.

"Friends With Kids" & "Revolutionary Road"

Enemies With Kids.

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