'Halloween 3D' Stalled, Michael Myers Inconsolable

"My Bloody Valentine" and "Drive Angry 3D" collaborators Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer wrote the script for "Halloween 3D," which was slated for this fall, except Dimension Films' Michael Myers tale has been killed off for now.

The 3D entry in the popular slasher franchise has been bumped from the box office schedule with no news of a future release date. The story picked up after Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" film and centered on Laurie Strode in a mental hospital. Supposedly there was a lead part for "Creepshow" actor Tom Atkins.

Michael might be stopped for now, but there's more terror waiting for you past the break in this week's Horror Bites.

'Piranha 3-D' Director Adapting a Vampire Graphic Novel?

"High Tension" and "Piranha 3-D" director Alexandre Aja is currently in talks to film an adaptation of the bloodsucking graphic novel, "Undying Love." When an ex-soldier falls for a vampire, he must battle her maker who is fronted by an army of monsters in the Hong Kong underworld. Comic creators Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman wrote the script for the big screen version. Does Aja have the right combination of action and gore experience to make it work?

'Evil Dead' Remake Gets a 'Cloverfield' Addition

"Cloverfield" actress Jessica Lucas is currently chatting with filmmakers about starring in the upcoming "Evil Dead" remake. She'd appear as the already announced Elizabeth Blackmore and Jane Levy's best friend, and as the fiancé of the already cast Shiloh Fernandez. Fede Alvarez is directing the new installment of the iconic horror franchise, which finds five friends in a cabin in the woods while one of them tries to break her drug habit. While there they discover a Book of the Dead — and if you've seen the Bruce Campbell films, then you know what happens next isn't good. The production gets rolling in April. Hopefully the original team comprised of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell — who have signed on as producers — can steer the newbies in the right direction.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Want to Make a Horror Movie

Seth Rogen and Super Bad pal Evan Goldberg are thinking about writing a horror movie. The Playlist brought the news that the duo want to get their hands bloody in the fright biz, and they've been looking at the success of "Paranormal Activity" for inspiration. Goldberg told the website, "If it was a bit funnier, and more realistic, maybe it would've been even better — and I did think it was a fantastic movie, I actually really liked that movie. That was the one that kinda drew us into discussing this, because we just thought it was so innovative."

'Boy Scouts vs. Zombies' in the Works

We've seen all kinds of foes paired up with fleshmunching zombies, but now Paramount wants to pit a team of Boy Scouts against the undead creepers. THR is reporting that comedy scribe Etan Cohen ("Tropic Thunder," "Men in Black III") may be making his directorial debut with the horror-comedy "Boy Scouts vs. Zombies." Yep, no mistaking what this one is about. The Girl Scouts also make an appearance as the boys try to save them from becoming a tasty snack. Are you sick of zombies and their ironic opponents yet?

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