Jake Gyllenhaal Speeds Towards 'Motor City'

Jake Gyllenhaal

Just as "Motor City" is gearing up to start production, new reports say that Jake Gyllenhaal has replaced former leading man Dominic Cooper. In other film news, Bryan Cranston, Anna Kendrick, Alison Brie and a whole bunch more have joined the cast of "Get a Job," the main teens in "The Evil Dead" remake have been cast and Woody Allen gets confirmed for a role in John Turturro's new movie.

It's March 8, and you're tuning in for today's casting call.

Jake Gyllenhaal Replaces Dominic Cooper In "Motor City"

Turns out that Dominic Cooper won't be starring in Albert Hughes's "Motor City" after all. Variety is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal will replace him and join Amber Heard and Gary Oldman in the cast. "Motor City" follows an ex-convict tracking down and getting revenge on the people who framed him. Production is set to start soon.

Bryan Cranston, Anna Kendrick And Many More Join "Get A Job"

Suddenly CBS Films' "Get a Job" is a movie that we desperately want to see. The studio sent out a press release saying that Bryan Cranston, Anna Kendrick and "Project X's" Miles Teller will star in the upcoming flick. A supporting cast of Alison Brie, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Nick Braun, Brandon T. Jackson and Jay Pharoah rounds out the project. "Children's Hospital's" Dylan Kidd will direct the "multi-generational comedy."

Jessica Lucas And Elizabeth Blackmore To Battle "The Evil Dead"

The casting of the major players in Fede Alvarez's remake of "The Evil Dead" seems to finally be finished. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Elizabeth Blackmore will play the fiancé of main character Mia's brother, while Jessica Lucas is in talks to play Mia's best friend. They'll join the previously announced cast of Mia (Jane Levy), her brother (Shiloh Fernandez) and their friend Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci). The film is set to hit theaters on April 12, 2013.

Woody Allen Confirmed, Sofia Vergara In Talks For "Fading Gigolo"

John Turturro's project "Fading Gigolo" just got two more big talents. Variety has learned that Woody Allen and Sharon Stone are confirmed to star in the project. In addition, Sofia Vergara is in talks for a supporting role. "Fading Gigolo" follows Turturro and Allen as two best friends who decide to go into the gigolo business together, and end up attracting the unwanted attention of the Hasidic Jewish community that they live in.

Genesis Rodriguez To Join "Hours"

Deadline is reporting that "Man on a Ledge" star Genesis Rodriguez has joined the cast of "Hours." The film, directed by Eric Heisserer, already stars Paul Walker as its central character. "Hours" tells the story of a man attempting to keep his newborn baby girl safe in a hospital in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina rages all around them.

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