Elizabeth Olsen's 'Silent House' Is Uninterrupted Horror

"Silent House" is not the first movie featuring a lone female protagonist fighting unknown horrors, trapped in a house she can’t get out of, unable to call for help -- it’s not necessarily new, we get it. But the way "Silent House" is filmed goes a long way towards altering the type of scare the audience receives from every scene -- something that star Elizabeth Olsen was quick to elaborate on when she talked to MTV News.

"I think what’s cool is that we can’t frame up a shot and then you know something’s going to happen, like the wind’s going to blow or an open curtain or a window or the curtain will just start blowing," Olsen said when asked how "Silent House" is set apart from its horror peers. "You don’t have those moments where you can assume what’s going to happen next because everything’s discovered in the moment because of the way we don’t edit things together."

"I think it’s really cool to figure out how can you still get jumps without actually using editing to your benefit," she continued. "I think it almost creates an immediate tension."

Olsen scrunched up her face when saying the last bit, because no one ever wants to seem to considerate about their art. Those artistic considerations weren’t immediately apparent during filming, which went about in such an unconventional way -- close camera, no editing -- that it took Olsen a moment to realize what a challenge it might be.

"The first one was in the lamp room with all the cluttered space, when a carpet falls down and basically I have to fall down in that scene," she said. "Usually when there’s a fall in a movie you cut and you put some padding on and put something on the floor. We didn’t have that so that was done like 26 times trying to find the right spot to fall on my body."

Not that the persistent injuries got her down. " I actually documented my bruises throughout this film," she said. "I took pictures of them because I think bruises are fascinating."

"Silent House" is out tomorrow! We can’t wait, and neither should you!

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