Liam Hemsworth Takes 'Die Hard 5' Near-Miss In Stride

Some things are not meant to be. For Liam Hemsworth, that list includes being Bruce Willis' son — in a film, at least.

The "Hunger Games" star was reportedly one of two final contenders for the role of John McClane's rebellious son in "A Good Day to Die Hard," the fifth installment in the historic action movie franchise. In the end, he lost the part to Jai Courtney, a relatively unknown name whose biggest credits include "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" and Tom Cruise's upcoming "One Shot." Hemsworth isn't sweating it, though — nor should he, considering he has a surefire hit coming up with "Hunger Games," not to mention a separate appearance opposite Willis in this summer's "Expendables" sequel.

"It didn't end up happening," Hemsworth shrugged it off when speaking with MTV News about the missed opportunity. "Like a lot of things in this town, sometimes you're right for things, and sometimes someone else is better for the part."

Thankfully for Hemsworth and his fans, he was exactly right for the role of Gale in "Hunger Games." In fact, it's a role he might be playing for some years to come — assuming this first film does well, there are at least two more movies in the "Hunger Games" franchise, potentially even three, that need Gale's services. Hemsworth isn't counting his eggs before they hatch, though.

"Everyone’s kind of waiting to see what happens with this one," he said when asked about movement on "Catching Fire," the first "Hunger Games" sequel. "And then hopefully we can shoot the second one and the third one."

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