Rose Byrne Wants A 'Bridesmaids' Prequel... In Space?

There's been plenty of talk recently about a "Bridesmaids" sequel, with the talent involved frequently saying they'd be interested in potentially reprising their roles in the film. MTV News recently caught up with Rose Byrne, who joked that she's got a better idea for the follow-up than a sequel.

"I'm pitching a prequel. Yeah. Before they were bridesmaids. Maybe in outer space. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking," Byrne said with a laugh. "Just modern. Go modern. Let's go, right? Let's reinvent it."

In all seriousness, Byrne said she's going to be sad to be away from her costars for an indefinite period of time now that the awards season is over.

"The girls are very inspiring and, I know, me and Melissa had our little gag at the Oscars, and I know, I kind of miss them, even though I'm sure I'll see them again, but the season of all of that is over. It's going to be a while until we're all in the same room together," she said.

But that's not the only sequel Byrne could potentially be involved in. She also had a pivotal role in "X-Men: First Class" that could be reprised in the project's planned sequel. When asked if she's heard anything about the follow-up film that director Matthew Vaughn is working on, Byrne said she hasn't but that she's up for anything.

"I would love to [be in the sequel]," she said. "I really enjoyed my time on 'X-Men,' and Matthew Vaughn's super great and talented. But I think these things take a while to marinate and come together. But yeah, I'd love to."

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