Megan Fox & Adam Scott Play The Yes/No Show

You'd think that when the answer to all the questions is either "yes" or "no," an interview should always go off without a hitch. But sometimes guests on Josh Horowitz's "After Hours" interview program, "The Yes/No Show," just miss out on opportunities to do awesome pirate accents.

Stopping by "The Yes/No Show" in support of their new movie "Friends With Kids," Adam Scott and Megan Fox took the opportunity to answer a few "simple" questions that are supposed to have "simple" answers.

A quick run down: Scott is appropriately jealous of his "Parks and Rec" co-star Nick Offerman and his mustache. Megan Fox can tell the Olsen twins—and presumably Elizabeth Olsen—apart. Plus, she would totally star in a Gobots movie.

Unfortunately, when given the awesome opportunity to talk in either a pirate or British accent, Fox and Scott claimed they could do the voice, but then didn't. What gives?

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