Exclusive 'Silent House' Photo Holds The Mirror Up

It’s hard to be stuck in a house that you can’t get out of, especially when there’s a bloodthirsty intruder on the loose. It’s even harder when all of the power is shut off and you’re basically a prisoner in the dark with nothing but a piddly lamp to light your way and keep you from stumbling over a number of things -- boxes, chairs, your father’s unconscious body, and more. But such is the peril of Elizabeth Olsen’s character in "Silent House," and the hardship she must endure while looking for a way out.

In this exclusive photo, we see Olsen in the reflection of a mirror, holding one of those lamps and looking quite scared as she makes her way through the house. It’s only vaguely familiar territory for her, as she hasn’t been to the family lake house in a number of years, unlike the malicious presence who’s on her trail.

With all of the house lights nonfunctional, her lamp is just a little bit conspicuous as she weaves her way through the dark. Plus, look at how thin that cardigan is! Hardly a way to protect oneself from the elements and/or knives.

The distance is maybe farthest we get away from Olsen during the movie’s scary bits, as she told us that the camera was barely more than a foot or two away from her at all times. That type of coordination is a lot of work, but that’s why they’re movie professionals. Our exclusive content is almost over, but keep checking in until "Silent House" is released on Friday.

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