Exclusive 'The Town' Extended Blu-ray Featurette: Affleck On Directing

Ben Affleck's sophomore directing effort, "The Town," is getting the collector's edition treatment for an upcoming Blu-ray re-release.

In addition to an extended cut of the film, the package will include a booklet with behind-the-scenes information and photos, prop replicas and an alternate ending.

In an interview for a production documentary, Affleck shares some of his experiences being actor and director on "The Town."

"Directing, to me, is less a sense of 'Oh, no, now I have more power' than it is 'I have more things to worry about. I have more responsibility,'" Affleck said. "You're an actor, you have the luxury of worrying about your performance, your character, the integrity of what you're trying to do, but you feel like you have the world on your shoulders or at least the whole movie on your shoulders when you're directing."

Despite the difficulty of his many role on the film, Affleck looks back on the road to making the movie positively. "My journey on 'The Town' is best described as arduous but ultimately very rewarding," he said.

"The Town" Ultimate Collector's Edition is in stores now.

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