'Bill And Ted 3': What We Know So Far

by Fallon Prinzivalli

There's a lot of buzz circulating around the highly anticipated third installment of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," currently referred to as "Bill And Ted 3." Between the tweets, articles, videos and rumors, who can keep the news straight? That's why we've compiled a timeline of what we know so far. All fact, no fiction. You'll totally love it, dudes!

September 20, 2010: Keanu Reeves pitches a "Bill & Ted" sequel directed by Werner Herzog, suggesting that co-star Alex Winter and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon are also on board.

September 23, 2010: Alex Winter confirms "Bill And Ted 3" in an interview over Twitter saying, "Now the cat's out of the bag, and the truth is that, yeah, we have finally hit upon an idea that we think is pretty great." Winter spoke exclusively with MTV News about the idea and said the movie would focus on what Bill and Ted have been up to in the 20+ years since their last appearance. Most excellent!

April 4, 2011: Reeves reveals the script for "Bill And Ted 3" is just weeks from completion. He also teased the plot, saying that it ties in with the ending of "Bogus Journey" and the guys are obsessed with writing "the song that saved the world."

April 20, 2011: News of an impending Wyld Stallyns reunion gets fans psyched. As a result, a "Bill And Ted 3" Facebook fan page and website are launched. Cue air guitar!

April 25, 2011: Winter tweets that the "Bill And Ted 3" script is in his hands. The tweet reads: "@alxwinter '@antmaurizio: Bill and Ted 3, less than 6 weeks away and counting? Movie is gonna kick some ass. ' > Just got the script. And now to read..."

April 2011-February 2012: We can only attribute the year long gap to the bodacious writing of the script. Excellence takes some time, dudes.

March 2, 2012: The Independent asks Reeves about the script and he replies, "Yeah, we have a script. We're trying to put it together. It's a good script too."

March 4, 2012: Alex Winter tweets his concurrence with Reeves and they just need the green light to move forward. He wrote, "-Script done? Check. –We love it? Check. –Green light? Working on it!" Party on!

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