'Silent House' Brings The Horror Close To Home

Elizabeth Olsen is the only star of note in "Silent House," carrying almost the entire film by herself after her character’s father is injured very early on. With so much resting on her shoulders, she had to be locked in at all times, especially during the film’s ultra-scary parts where her feelings basically become the audience’s. Speaking to MTV News, Olsen was candid about how she got into the proper state of mind for those "scared as sh--" moments.

"I keep saying I have a very fatalistic imagination but I guess when I’m filming, all I think about is how close the enemy is," she said. "So the closer I feel them coming, that’s kind of the pole for how I measure things."

Obviously, there are moments when that pole gets a lot shorter and the enemy is right by. "That’s when you want to scream and you can’t because then they’ll find you," she said with a laugh. There’s at least one scene in "Silent House" when the intruder is only a foot or two away from Olsen, so we’ll assume she knows what she’s talking about.

Going on, Olsen explained how she dug deep to get the motivation for her scenes. "It always feels like when you’re a little kid and you tell your mom like, ‘No, you can leave me in the car when you run to the ATM, I’m fine,’" she said. "Then you’re terrified that someone is going to come break into the car. That exact imagination is where I go to for this movie."

"Silent House" is out on Friday (March 9).

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