'That's My Boy' Exclusive Green-Band Trailer & Poster

Last week, we brought you the "That's My Boy" red-band trailer, showcasing Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg's raunchy new comedy about a father reconnecting with his long lost son on the week of his son's wedding -- with Sandler playing Samberg's dad, despite the less than 15 year age difference between the two actors.

Today, the madness continues. Sandler and Samberg's first big screen collaboration gets a second trailer this week right here at MTV Movies, this time of the more family-friendly green band variety. Check it out, then click past the break to see an exclusive new "That's My Boy" poster!

MTV News spoke with Andy Samberg about working with Sandler on "That's My Boy," an experience he described as a dream come true.

"I've been joking that I've been carrying around this face my entire life, basically leading up to this moment where somebody says, 'Hey, there's this movie where someone has to play Adam Sandler's kid, but he's closer in age to Sandler than a normal kid would be,'" he laughed. "As soon as I read the script, I knew I wanted to do it. It sat for a while, but right around last fall, I heard that they were maybe thinking of doing it again. I told Sandler I'd love to do it, and he said, 'We'll see if we do it!' And we did it! It was the happiest call."

Are you excited to see Sandler and Samberg as father and son? Tell us what you think of "That's My Boy" in the comments section and on Twitter!