Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Open Up In 'The Yes/No Show'

It's that time again, folks! We're back for another round of After Hours' "The Yes/No Show," and this time it's starring none other than the famous stars of the upcoming film "The Hunger Games." As you fans of "The Yes/No Show" will know, host Josh Horowitz offers fans an insightful look at their favorite stars that they might not have seen otherwise. The latest victims guests are Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who are arguably more excited about being on the show than anyone else we've ever seen.

So yes, you can call Lawrence "JLau" and Hutcherson "The Hutch." No, JLau doesn't think she can beat up one of "The Twilight Saga's" vampires. And also -- and perhaps most disturbingly -- both of "The Hunger Games" stars agreed that they would kill and eat Horowitz if they were to face off against him in a future Hunger Games. Maybe he should watch his back in future interviews?