'Silent House' Exclusive Clip: What Horrors Lurk Upstairs?

The first thing you’ll notice about "Silent House" is its striking visual aesthetic. With the swift advancement of camera technology over the last decade, pretty photography is more common than not in modern horror movies. But "Silent House" has a distinctive gimmick to separate it from its peers: the intimate perspective of Elizabeth Olsen’s character, whose side we almost never leave during the duration of the film.

In this exclusive clip, it’s nighttime at the house and Olsen and her father are settling in for the night, carrying lamps because the lights seem to be out. As she hears a noise coming from upstairs, she tells her father, "I thought I heard something up there." He disputes it, of course, because that’s what dads in horror movies do, but offers to go upstairs and check it out. While he heads up the staircase, there’s a slight rumbling in the background as Olsen watches her father’s light disappear back into the darkness.

The backgrounds are still blurry, but with the lack of natural light you’re really at the whim of the camera and whatever Olsen is looking at. (It would be nice if we all looked so sharp and well-defined under lamp light, but alas, that’s never going to be true.) Horror movies are scarier when they take place in the dark, it’s true.

It also doesn’t hurt that with her budding star power and acting chops, Olsen is an instantly strong protagonist to carry the film. It’s not every day you see a critically-acclaimed actress take on a straight horror movie, but judging from what we’ve seen so far, "Silent House" should be a nice role in a long career.

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