Taylor Kitsch Saves Mars With MTV First: John Carter!

The year ahead of Taylor Kitsch would be considered a big one for any actor. With "John Carter" and "Battleship," he's leading the charge on two big-budget adventure movies, but then he'll also work with one of the most revered directors of all time, Oliver Stone, for "Savages."

But before all of that, he'll be taking your questions as a part of "MTV First: John Carter." On Thursday, March 1, Kitsch will sit down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to present a never-before-seen clip from "John Carter" on MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET.

Immediately after, their conversation will continue on MTV.com, where Kitsch will take questions from you. All you have to do is send in your questions via Twitter, using @MTVNews and the hashtag #MTVFirst or #AskKitsch.

And there's definitely a lot to ask him. As his first big year in movies, Kitsch will have a lot of eyes on him, as the lead in two summer movies. Long gone are the quaint days in Dillon, Tim Riggins and "Friday Night Lights." This summer, Kitsch makes the jump to full-blown action star. "John Carter" and "Battleship" rank among the summer's biggest movies, and they share a star in Kitsch. Actors consider themselves lucky if they find themselves in one big summer movie, nonetheless two.

But that's ignoring July's crime drama "Savages," based on Don Winslow's novel and directed by Oliver Stone. In the movie, Kitsch will play Chon, a pot grower who must rescue his girlfriend, played by Blake Lively, after she's kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel.

So that's the 2012 Kitsch will have, but what will you ask him? Does he ever throw on the 3s and relive the glory days as a Dillon Panther? What was it like wearing a loin cloth for most of the movie in "John Carter"?

What would you like to ask Taylor Kitsch? Let us know by tweeting @MTVNews using the hashtags #MTVFirst or #AskKitsch. Then be sure to tune into MTV at 7:56 p.m. ET on March 1 to see the never-before-seen clip from "John Carter."