'Silent House' Exclusive Photo: Two Weeks Of Horror Begins Now!

Is "Silent House" the scariest movie of 2012? That depends on you: perhaps your arm hairs are triggered by something unconventional, like arctic wolves or Katherine Heigl in a wedding dress. But we're going to guess that based on its unnerving visual style, "Silent House" will be the most singular horror film you see this year, well worthy of the hype it's receiving as we head towards its March 9 release.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be presenting a vault of exclusive material related to the film such as photographs, clips, and interviews with lead actress Elizabeth Olsen and director Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. Today, you can look at a still showing Olsen slowly making her way through the house, lamp in hand, trying to figure out just what’s making all those gruesome noises (which might account for those watery eyes).

Based off a 2010 Spanish language film of the same name, "Silent House" is presented to us as one continuous shot over 88 minutes, following a young woman (Olsen) as she’s terrorized by an unknown presence at her family’s lake house. As the camera never leaves her side, you won’t be able to see anything that she isn’t seeing for herself.

What’s nice about "Silent House" is that whatever’s haunting Olsen and her father, whether it’s a malignant spirit or a schizophrenic malcontent living in their basement, isn’t a part of the film’s publicity push. Instead, with such a distinctive aesthetic concept (the single camera shot) and an unexpectedly strong female lead (Olsen filmed the movie before her recent breakout in "Martha Marcy May Marlene"), those details have been allowed a little vagueness, which should make for an actual surprise when you get to the theater.

"Silent House" comes out on March 9, the last day of our two-week haunting spree. Make sure to check in every day for new details, in case you need any extra swaying -- which you won’t by the end, we guarantee it.

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