Oscars 2012 Live Blog: Watch The Show With Us!

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights! No, it's not the Muppet Show tonight, but the next best thing: it's Oscar night!

The 84th Annual Academy Awards are finally here to settle the biggest lingering movie questions of 2011 once and for all. Will "The Artist" dominate as many expect it to? Is there room for an upset from Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" or George Clooney's "Descendants"? How much mayhem will Sacha Baron Cohen Admiral General Aladeen cause during the big show? And please, for the love of all things holy, can we please get a stealth "Man or Muppet" performance?

Stick with MTV Movies Blog all night long for these answers and more as our LIVE coverage of the Oscars continues. Keep refreshing those browsers as we bring you the latest updates on the winners, losers and much more!

11:37 PM ... And that's that -- another Oscar ceremony down and in the books. Exciting at times, predictable more often than not. What did you guys think? Was this a good showing by the Academy? Did you enjoy Billy's long awaited return to the stage? Happy with the winners? Tell us everything you thought about this year's Oscars in the comments section or on Twitter!

11:35 PM ... Silence is acceptance. "The Artist" wins Best Picture. No one will remember this in five days.

11:32 PM ... We're in the end game. Best Picture. It's going to be "The Artist." I want "Hugo" or "Tree of Life," but that's not happening. It is what it is. (What it is is boring, by the way.)

11:30 PM ... All wrong again! But a charming speech from Meryl Streep cures all ails. You can't hate on the Iron Lady.

Meryl Streep

11:24 PM ... Best Actress time. I've had money on Michelle Williams but, again, I've been wrong before. Very, very wrong.

11:18 PM ... Aaaand I'm wrong. Good on you, Jean Dujardin.

Jean Dujardin

11:14 PM ... Best Actor time. I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I have a very good feeling about Gary Oldman. All it takes is a foot in the door to take the win...

11:10 PM ... MTV's very own Jason Kaufman points out three big oversights from the In Memoriam section: Bubba "Hightower" Smith, Michael "Alfred" Gough and Jeff "Kenickie" Conaway.

11:06 PM ... In Memoriam this year includes director Ken Russell, Whitney Houston, Peter Falk, Cliff Robertson, Steve Jobs and, of course, Elizabeth Taylor. Who was left out?

10:58 PM ... I can't be the only one who would love to see James Earl Jones win an honorary Oscar every single year, right?

10:51 PM ... Best director goes to Michel Hazanavicius for "The Artist," ridding the world of an awesome opportunity to collectively drink to Scorsese's name.

10:50 PM ... Michael Douglas... papa Kirk is a tough act to follow.

10:43 PM ... And just like that, the drinking game "Scorsese" was born. Thank you, Ms. McCarthy.

10:41 PM ... Admit it, on title alone, you were rooting for "Time Freak."

10:38 PM ... Okay, nevermind! "Bridesmaids" onstage appearance, activated! I'd like to think I just willed this into existence.

10:30 PM ... Congrats Woody Allen. You earned it. But curse you for robbing the world of a an onstage "Bridesmaids" appearance.

10:27 PM ... "The Descendants" is on the board. Worth it for the Clooney-Lillard scene alone. Fantastic movie. (Of course, I wouldn't have complained about a sixth "Hugo" win, but it is what it is!)

10:19 PM ... Thank you Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis not just for the cymbals, but also for presenting Best Song to "Muppet or a Man." There was no acceptable alternative.

10:14 PM ... "The Artist" scores its second award for Best Original Score. I can't say I cared for the film, but it deserves this one.

10:09 PM ... Any and all mentions of Andy Dufresne / "Shawshank Redemption" are welcome in this place. Also, that's the best Nick Nolte impression of all time.


10:01 PM ... Plummer wins! At 82 years old, he is the oldest actor to win an Oscar! He absolutely deserves this. If you haven't seen "Beginners" yet, fix that mistake this week. It's a wonderful film that deserves a Best Picture nod over plenty of the actual nominees.

9:58 PM ... Okay, Best Supporting Actor time. My money is still on Christopher Plummer. No chance he loses this one. Von Trapp for the win.

9:56 PM ... "Hugo" is now up to five wins. That's the good news. The bad news: "Harry Potter" loses Visual Effects, and loses on all its nominations in the process. Mischief unmanaged.

9:50 PM ... Bonus of RDJ presenting documentary: as of this moment in time, "RDJ Tebowing" is trending on Twitter. The world is a wonderful place.


9:47 PM ... I can't say I'm not pumped for "Rango," though. That movie is so wonderfully bizarre. Good runner-up, but still no "Tintin."

9:45 PM ... Best Animated Feature is a touchy subject for me. There is no reason on Earth that "The Adventures of Tintin" shouldn't win this category... and it's not even nominated. Uncool.

9:41 PM ... A Robert Downey Jr. documentary would be awesome if he was in character as Tony Stark the whole time. Found-footage "Iron Man" movie would be invincible.

9:38 PM ... That Cirque du Solei number needed more "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark." And more Muppets and Jason Segel.

9:34 PM ... Kermit and Miss Piggy introducing Cirque du Solei instead of Jason Segal for "Muppet or a Man" is the least cool use of a Muppet ever.

9:28 PM ... Okay! "Hugo" for four! This is a good thing!

9:26 PM ... Three for "Hugo" after Sound Editing! On one hand, I am very pleased! On the other, "Drive" is officially shut out of the race. Ryan Gosling enthusiasts (Hollywood Crush editor Amy Wilkinson especially), you are forgiven for tuning out now.

9:24 PM ... Film editing goes to "Dragon Tattoo," and there was much rejoicing. Not my favorite film of the year, no, but I am very surprised at how little love Fincher's adaptation got in the nominations. Nice to see it take something it truly deserves so early on.

9:22 PM ... Bradley Cooper, I was not behind you for sexiest man of the year. Your new skeevy mustache has immediately reversed my position. #noithasnt

9:18 PM ... Christopher Guest and friends should be part of every single focus group screenings from here on out. They should also always be required to sing "Stool Boom" at said screenings.

9:13 PM ... Christian Bale is "the hottest guy in the room," Octavia? You do know there are no more Bale-starring Batman movies after this summer's "Rises," right? Nice try though!

9:12 PM ... "The Help" is officially on the board. Octavia Spencer takes Best Supporting Actress. It would have been a huge shock if this shook out any other way, though I will say, I would have loved to see Melissa McCarthy up on that stage.

9:09 PM ... Speaking of "Newsies," it's Batman! Christian Bale, looking rather cozy on the Oscar stage.

9:06 PM ... "A Separation" takes Best Foreign film, as many had predicted. I badly need to see this one.

9:04 PM ... "Newsies" musical commercial = most exciting thing I'll see all night. Also, guaranteed that I'll have "King of New York" trapped in my skull for the rest of the evening. No complaints.

8:58 PM ... Meryl leads "Iron Lady" to their first win with Best Makeup. Elsewhere, Griphook is rolling in his grave.

8:55 PM ... "The Artist" begins its virtually assured warpath with an award for Costume Design. The running tally: "Hugo" - 2, "Artist" - 1, The World - 0.

8:53 PM ... Random montage of "Exorcist" head-spinning, "Star Wars" TIE Fighter-ing, and "Twilight" make-out teasing. Clearly, Hollywood is a diverse place of business.

8:47 PM ... Two wins for "Hugo" right off the bat, but at the expense of "Harry Potter." Already snubbed without a Best Picture nomination, it's looking like the unfortunate streak may continue for "Potter" throughout Oscar night.

Talking about "Harry Potter's" Oscar snub!

8:45 PM ... And another for "Hugo," now for Art Direction. Oscar night is off to a great start for your friendly neighborhood blog editor.

8:43 PM ... Achievement in Cinematography kicks off the night! And Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" is the first winner on the board! Good news for me, "Hugo" is far and away my favorite of the bunch this year.

8:38 PM ... "Oscar! Oscar!" Welcome back, Billy.

8:35 PM ... Billy Crystal looks less like live-action Tintin and more like grown-up Junior from "Problem Child." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

8:33 PM ... A Justin Bieber cameo this early in the telecast? It's going to be a long night.

8:31 PM ... Starting the show off with Morgan Freeman? Never a bad idea.

8:28 PM ... My predictions coming throughout the night, starting with supporting categories: Christopher Plummer for "Beginners," and Octavia Spencer for "The Help." There will be no shocks in these categories, nor should there be; both of these actors completely deserve their awards. (Though I wouldn't complain about a Melissa McCarthy upset!)

8:25 PM ... Random side note: every time I see Oscar producer Brian Grazer, I keep thinking how awesome he would be as Boyd Crowder's estranged uncle on "Justified." Just look, they're identical:

8:20 PM ... Ten minutes to show time. You're running out of chances to place your bets. Who do you have taking home the big prizes tonight? Make your winner predictions in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!

8:17 PM ... We've been all over the Oscar red carpet since the night began. Click on the many beautiful Jessica Chastains below to see all the stars in their Oscar fashion glory!

8:15 PM ... Hello there! MTV Movies Blog editor Josh Wigler here; for better or worse, I'm the man behind the wheel of this here Oscar live blog. I'm no Billy Crystal, but I hope to be better than Franco at least!

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