'Star Trek 2' Set Photos Show Benedict Cumberbatch Battling Spock

"Star Trek 2" is shrouded in secrecy. We don't have an official title, we don't know the plot, and we don't know who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing — though all signs point to a villain, especially in light of a new set photo that's just arrived at our door step.

In this first look at director J.J. Abrams' currently shooting "Star Trek" sequel, we see quite clearly that Zachary Quinto's returning Spock and the newcomer played by Cumberbatch are very much not friends. The two are locked in battle on top of what's being described as "a Space Barge set."

During the battle and in the photo you can see here, Spock does his best to stop his foe using his famous Vulcan Death Grip, but the move fails; Cumberbatch's character is able to overpower the grip and regain the upper hand in his struggle against the Star Fleet officer.

Interestingly, Spock is not the only one wearing a Star Fleet uniform. Cumberbatch's unknown character is seen wearing a black version of the uniform under his silver overcoat. A sign that this man was a friend before he was a foe?

In another shot from the epic battle, Zoe Saldana joins the fight once again as Uhura. She's using a phaser to save Spock from Cumberbatch's villain, though whether or not she'll be successful is a completely different story altogether.

Thanks to Eric Ford with On Location News for the awesome new photos!

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