Johnny Depp Joins Edgar Wright For 'Night Stalker'

Johnny Depp

It looks like Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright may be teaming up to hunt the supernatural in Disney's adaptation of two 1970's telepics and the ABC series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker."

Deadline reports that Depp would potentially star as Carl Kolchak in "The Night Stalker." He's a hardboiled reporter who tackles stories that law enforcement doesn't want to touch. Most of the cases in the original tales involved monstrous creatures like vampires and zombies, but Kolchak also explored the dark world of witches and other occult mysteries. With the "Shaun of the Dead" director usually having a hand in the writing side of his projects, it'd be great to see Disney hand this responsibility over to Wright. No scribe has been named yet, though. The quirky stylings of the director and Depp should be fascinating to watch.

While we anticipate more news about this inspired collaboration, head past the break for a look at the rest of this week's horror news.

Popular Manga Tale 'Bleach' Getting American Adaptation

Fans of Tite Kubo's manga/anime tale "Bleach" will be seeing an American adaptation from Warner Bros. soon. The studio has acquired the rights to the story and is setting "Wrath of the Titans" scribe Dan Mazeau to the task of revamping it. The film will follow teen Ichigo who can see ghosts. A malevolent spirit known as a Hollow attacks his family, and the young man becomes a Hollow hunter — dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping tortured souls find peace in the afterlife. The popular story has been adapted for videogames, trading cards, musicals, and more. Can Warner Bros. find the right combination of the supernatural, action, and comedy to create a worthy remake? Will the casting of this one be another "Akira?"

The 'Demonologist' Fights Fiends from Hell

"Back to the Future" director Robert Zemeckis has found his new producing project in "Demonologist." Universal snatched up the story, which comes from a novel written by Andrew Pyper. It follows a professor who has been studying the epic John Milton poem "Paradise Lost." He accepts a free trip to Italy, but while there a demonic spirit "appears to kill his daughter." The professor embarks on a dark journey to save her from the wicked entities. Will the studio play it safe and make this the next "Da Vinci Code," or will they bring on the horror in full force?

Vampires on a Plane in 'Night Wings'

We've had "Snakes on a Plane," but get ready for vamps traveling the friendly skies. THR is reporting that a "Fright Night-esque" story is on the way from Ember Entertainment. The company has been granted distribution rights for "Night Wings." When a 12-year-old boy takes a redeye flight, he soon discovers that there are bloodsucking vampires all around him. He tries to convince the crew that the vamps are on-board from Romania, but only one passenger believes him. The guy also happens to be a mourning father, seeking revenge against the vamp clan. Syfy writer Paul Birkett and visual effects producer Dusan Strugar are working on this one — which hopefully means these vampires will actually be of the terrifying variety and not the romantic version we've been getting a lot of lately.

Disney Makes a Creature Feature

Disney and the writer behind fright flicks like "The Ring" and "Scream 4" are teaming up for a creature feature. The Mickey Mouse studio has wanted to create a project associated with their theme park ride, The Matterhorn. They're aiming for an adventure story and have given the job to first-time director Brian Beletic. Justin Springer ("Tron Legacy") will be producing. Five adventure seekers — including a travel guide, a cartographer, an escape artist, an extreme sports enthusiast, and an archeologist — head to the Alps "for mysterious reasons" and face a group of yetis (think mountain dwelling Bigfoot creatures) guarding a secret. Yetis make everything better, so here's hoping Disney allows its team to play up the gnarly beastie angle.

Amanda Seyfried Evades Abductors in 'Gone'

Yesterday we found out that Red Riding Hood actress Amanda Seyfried has a taxidermy collection, which made us love her even more. Her new movie "Gone" opens tomorrow. Seyfried stars as a young women trying to escape abduction, haunted by the kidnapping of her sister two years earlier. Having evaded capture before, she believes the mysterious abductor has come back to finish the job, but no one will believe her. Listen to the actress talk about the film on Dread Central.

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