Exclusive 'Goon' Trading Cards: Now On Demand!

Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber beating the ever-loving snot out of each other, on ice no less? Yeah, that sounds like my idea of an awesome time at the movies.

That's precisely what "Goon" has in store for viewers when the hockey flick from Scott, Schreiber and Jay Baruchel hits theaters in select cities on March 30. Of course, you can get a load of "Goon" way before that release date -- it's currently available on VOD as of today (February 24)!

Ahead of your first "Goon" viewing experience, check out these "Goon" trading cards, exclusively here at MTV Movies. Check 'em out past the jump!

Yeah, that Ross Rhea card is going up on my wall immediately.

"Goon" hits VOD on February 24 and arrives in select theaters on March 30.