'Detention' Exclusive Clip: Hacking And Slashing Moviegoers Everywhere On April 13

by Ryan Rigley

High school bullies are one thing. But high school bullies and slasher movie serial killers? It's hard enough to survive high school as it is! Check out more in this exclusive clip from "Detention," hitting theaters on April 13 from Samuel Goldwyn Films.

"Detention" is billed as a horror/comedy about a slasher movie serial killer that wreaks havoc on a group of students in their senior year of high school. Josh Hutcherson stars as Clapton Davis, an outspoken athlete with the hots for one of the more popular cheerleaders. But that all takes a backseat when it is discovered that students are being systematically killed off one by one by a mysterious masked madman.

To make matters worse, Clapton and a handful of students are given detention on prom night while all the other seniors are undoubtedly being stabbed to death on the dancefloor. Talk about sitting ducks!

From the looks of the above clip, "Detention" will be having a lot of fun playing with genre conventions. And judging from past experiences, horror movies with a sense of humor are always the best types of horror movies.

"Detention," from Samuel Goldwyn Films, creeps its way into theaters on April 13th. For more information, you can visit the official "Detention" website.