New 'Skyfall' Photo Gives Judi Dench's M The Spotlight

With the release of "Skyfall" only eight and a half months away, Sam Mendes and his team have been playing awful coy with the promotion of the latest James Bond film. Tomorrow Mendes will release his first videoblog about the project (thank you Peter Jackson for keeping this trend popular) and that will likely be the first time fans get the chance to see any footage from the upcoming flick. And it certainly has taken long enough.

Until then, though, we fans will have to make do with the latest behind-the-scene photo from the "Skyfall" set. In it, Mendes can be seen looking over Dame Judi Dench's shoulder as she analyzes something on her laptop. Well, at least it's slightly more informative than Daniel Craig walking around in a suit!

So far, the coolest actual photo from "Skyfall" has featured Craig looking as Bond-like as he's ever been. There was also an early leaked image showing Craig sitting by the edge of a swimming pool, but this other one of him stalking around with his gun raised is decidedly cooler.

It's fitting that Dench be at the center of this new image, as agent M comes into the forefront as one of the major characters in "Skyfall." The 23rd Bond film follows 007 as his loyalty to M is tested. MI6 comes under attack as M's past comes back to haunt her, and it's up to Bond to protect those close to him and the world.

"Skyfall" also stars Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCroy, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney. It's slated to hit theaters on November 9.

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