'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Director Reveals New Story Details

Everything that we've seen from G.I. Joe: Retaliation" so far screams of a director that clearly loves the franchise, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us that Jon Chu is just that.

The man loves "G.I. Joe," so when MTV News caught up with him at Toy Fair, we just had to ask which Joe was his favorite. Naturally, two of "Retaliation"'s main badasses are at the top for Chu.

"I loved Snake Eyes, of course, and I love Road Block. Those two to me were the coolest duo out there," Chu said. "To me, it was Roadblock and Snake Eyes together that was the kickass team."

Putting two of his favorite Joes front-and-center in a brand new movie was obviously a big deal for the director, and when it came time to cast Roadblock, it wasn't a tough decision. "It was a dream to be like, 'All right, now we really get to make Roadblock the guy. Who would be the perfect Roadblock?'" he said. "Of course, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and being able to have Ray Park return as Snake Eyes and have them be on two different adventures all across the world is awesome."

When speaking with MTV News at Toy Fair, Chu went into a little detail about the scope and scale of his "Joe" movie, and from the sounds of it, it falls in line with the tradition of the cartoons. "As any 'Joe' adventure is, it spans the world, and it's an adventure that ranges from you're in Pakistan one second to Japan the next second and Korea another one, Washington, D.C.," he said. "You're definitely jumping around and it also collides at a certain point."

One of the big welcome changes to the sequel comes in the form of Cobra Commander. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt's surprising turn in "Rise of Cobra" was appreciated, it wasn't the Cobra that Chu knew growing up. He wanted to change that.

"There are a couple things I really wanted to do in this movie. One of those things was reinvent Cobra Commander, to do it the way I remember him and take him to the next level," Chu said. "To me, Cobra is one of the most iconic villains of all time. I just wanted to know that was him. I wanted to make him more badass than ever."

Part of making Cobra "more badass than ever" involved starting from scratch with him. "We got to design him from the ground up. Creating the mask, we went through 35 revisions and how his voice was going to be, how reflective it was going to be," Chu said. "He's definitely a huge presence, and I can't wait. I'm sort of trying to hide a little bit, so people when they come don't know what to expect from Cobra, which is sort of the fun part of it."

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