Peter Berg Reveals 'Friday Night Lights' Movie Details

The script for a spin-off movie for the "Friday Night Lights" TV series is close to being finished, but director Peter Berg said that his cast might be too busy with their other gigs to commit to it right now. In other parts of the web, Jaden Smith posted a new image from the Costa Rica set of "After Earth," Andrew Stanton is already working on a "John Carter" sequel and director Brian Taylor has been tapped to helm a "Twisted Metal" feature adaptation.

It's February 15, and you're checking in for today's daily news round up.

Peter Berg Promises "Friday Night Lights" Movie Still On Its Way

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. At least that seems to be the mentality director Peter Berg and showrunner Jason Katims are having when it comes to creating a "Friday Night Lights" movie. Berg told MTV News that Katims is close to finishing the script for a second "Friday Night Lights" movie that parallels the real-life story of Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach. The problem with bringing the movie together, though, is that the majority of "Friday Night Lights'" stars have moved on to bigger things and now have pretty busy schedules.

Jaden Smith Shows Off "After Earth" Costume

Ah, the wonders of social networking. Jaden Smith took to his Who Say account to post a new image from his upcoming M. Night Shyamalan-directed sci-fi film "After Earth." In it, he can be seen wearing a futuristic one-piece outfit that seems to be an armor of some sort, and potentially wearing a weapon on his back. Despite our Shyamalan skepticism (sorry, "The Last Airbender"), this actually looks pretty cool.

Director Andrew Stanton Already Outlining "John Carter" Sequel

Ain't It Cool News conducted a lengthy interview with "John Carter" director Andrew Stanton in which he touched upon many elements of the upcoming movie "John Carter" and its prospective sequel. The interview is too long to summarize in this one blip, so I encourage you to read its entirety there. But one of the major points Stanton talked about was that he is already hard at work planning a "John Carter" sequel even though he's waiting to see how successful the first film is before he gets the go-ahead from Disney. Like most franchises in Hollywood nowadays, the "John Carter" films were conceptualized as a trilogy.

"Ghost Rider" Co-Director To Helm "Twisted Metal" Adaptation

Hot off this Friday's release of "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance," co-director Brian Taylor has been tapped to direct the upcoming adaptation of video game "Twisted Metal." Deadline has the news about Taylor's first solo directing effort. Taylor will both write and direct the film.

"Game Of Thrones" Production Trailer Released

Hungry for more "Game of Thrones"? Well you're in luck, because HBO just released a new production trailer about the show filming in Iceland. If you've missed Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly and Commander Mormont as much as I have, then you should be thrilled.

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