Kate Upton: Five Movies For The Swimsuit Model

by Ryan Rigley

Kate Upton seems to be popping up everywhere as of late, from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to the "Three Stooges" trailer. There's no getting around the fact that this blonde bombshell is a potential rising talent in the movie industry. With her recent stint in "Tower Heist" as Mr. Hightower's mistress, people all across the country have been practically begging to see more of the American model/actress.

Ms. Upton will, without a doubt, be cast in many of Hollywood's up and coming blockbusters because of her strikingly good looks and sense of humor. Why, she might even be the next Megan Fox! (But don't tell Megan Fox that.) Here's a list of movies that we think Kate Upton would be great in.

"Transformers 4: Rise of the Robots"

Michael Bay confirmed a new "Transformers" movie just a few days ago. And who better to cast as Sam Witwicky's newest hot girlfriend than Kate Upton? No one, that's who!

"Battleship 2"

When "Battleship" comes out in May, it will undoubtedly make millions of dollars warranting a sequel. Typically, a sequel to a summer blockbuster means two things: twice the action and twice the babes. But if that doesn't pan out, she could always just take over for Brooklyn Decker.

"Cowboys Vs. Aliens Vs. Mummies"

The first movie might not have done as well as expected, but since when has that stopped Hollywood from making an unnecessary sequel before? I'm thinking she could play Nefertiti, the mysterious Egyptian queen who also happens to be a mysterious alien with the hots for Daniel Craig.


Clearly, DC Comics has been working on creating a movie universe as extensive as that of Marvel's movie universe. When "Man of Steel" comes out next year, fans all over the world will be left wanting more super hero hijinks. Well, what more could you ask for than Kate Upton flying around in a miniskirt and beating up hoodlums as Kal-el's cousin, Supergirl?

"Candy Land"

Hasbro has long been working on a "Candy Land" movie, based on the board game of the same name. Adam Sandler is already attached. And I don't know about you guys, but I'm dying to see Kate Upton dressed as Princess Lolly.

Which movies do you want to see Kate Upton in? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!